2022 Women’s Leadership and Professional Development Cruise
It’s not a journey outside yourself, but a journey INSIDE yourself, and it takes you where you most want to go.


Studies show that in corporate leadership, women leaders are viewed as being better when it comes to: creating a safe and respectful workplace, valuing people from different backgrounds, considering the impact of business decisions on society, providing guidance and mentorship to young employees, and providing fair pay and good benefits. Moreover, companies with gender diverse leadership are 15% more profitable than average.

Through this program, your company can maximize the best qualities of women in leadership positions, by helping them develop skills needed for brave leadership in ever-changing paradigms.

What to expect?


Brave leadership starts with being the “captain of your own ship”: you need to know where you are, know where you are going, and what your resources are. This program, set on a cruise to the Bahamas, includes 2 days of workshops where you will experience first-hand how to navigate “your own ship” and cultivate collaborative, innovative cultures back in your workplace. You will leave with language, tools, and processes that you can immediately apply to level up and hone your leadership skills.

This program will be highly experiential and engaging. Participants can expect to join small group dialogues, large group discussions, paired interviews, simulations, and individual reflection. Activities are designed to help you discover and appreciate the best of what is and focus on what your profession is calling you to be. In addition, participants will learn research-based strategies to improve in-person and on-line meetings as they are given avenues to play and have F.U.N.*

*F.U.N. is a hallmark of the Guarrine Group and refers to meeting people’s fundamental universal need. FUN helps increase engagement, creativity, and enhances decision making, while making learning less intimidating, more accessible, and memorable.

Who should attend?


This program is for women business professionals who are mid to senior level leaders and managers. If you work with others to deliver results, this program is for you.


  • the Depths of your Leadership Potential

  • New Leadership Horizons

  • Beyond Your Borders: a fresh approach to mining/tapping your leadership potential

  • Wave Making Leadership: a fresh approach to being a courageous leader

  • How To Expand Your Borders: A Fresh Approach to Tapping Your Leadership Potential

  • How to Beyond Your Borders: Explore the Brave Leader in You and the Experience the Power of Collective Intelligence

  • The Brave Leader In You [Because the journey isn’t out there, it’s INSIDE]

Outcomes and Agenda

Below is a sample of what you will experience in the Women’s Cruise Leadership Program.
Final content and actual schedule are subject to change.



Cruise Day 1 – Depart Charleston, SC

  • Welcome, Introductions, and FUN Community Building


Cruise Day 2 – Program Day One

  • Leading from the Inside Out: Personal Practices to Enhance your Leadership Potential

  • Naming and Claiming Your Talents: Using Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Tool, identify your greatest talents, and your greatest opportunities for excellence, success, and contribution

  • Dare to Lead™ Essential Skill Sets of Courage: Rumbling with Vulnerability and BRAVING Trust with Yourselves and Others

  • Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator™: Maximize Your Talent by Harnessing Cognitive Diversity


Cruise Day 3 – Half Moon Cay

  • Self-care, play, exploring, and reflecting


Cruise Day 4 – Program Day Two

  • Dialogue Skills: Convener Skills for Facilitating More Productive Meetings

  • Participatory Leadership: Convening the Collective Intelligence of your Team

  • Aiming your Talents: Building on insights from your StrengthsFinder result, find the unique way you create trust, compassion, stability, and hope in your team

  • Dare to Lead™ Essential Skill Sets of Courage: Living into Your Values and Learning to Rise After Setbacks 

  • Level Up Meeting Facilitation: A Tactical Approach to Achieving Results


Cruise Day 5 – Arrival in Charleston, SC

Possible add-ons after you debark

  • Peer coaching

  • One on one coaching

  • Join Check In Conversations to continue connecting with other women leaders you met in the program.



Katie Brandt is an organizational development consultant and executive coach. She partners with business leaders to help them bring courage, compassion, and connection into the workplace so that people can do their best work. Her mission is to transform organizational cultures by creating psychologically safe spaces. Brandt started her own business in 2005 shortly after working as a senior organizational development consultant at a global Fortune 100 company. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and was trained directly by Brené Brown to facilitate the Dare to Lead™ program. Other certifications include the Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, EQi-2.0®, EQ360®. She holds a BS in psychology from Indiana University and an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Purdue University.


Brandt and her husband, Chris, live in Ellicott City, Maryland. They have two daughters in college. She enjoys reading, hiking, yoga, rock hopping, swimming, ping pong, playing games, and spending time with family. https://altiusconsulting.net/


Christina Foster is a process artist, learning facilitator, thought partner, program developer, and coach who believes that together we can create a thriving world.  With a passion for personal development, organizational learning, and systems change, Christina focuses on shifting the paradigm of what’s possible by enhancing the capacity of individuals and groups to think, learn, lead, and act together.  Through participatory leadership, strategic dialogue, and systems change, Christina engages groups in meaningful conversation and collective learning that leads to collaborative innovation and action. To support leaders to be their best self, she also provides health and wellness coaching. She is a certified health coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She holds a master’s degree in Holistic, Transformative Education and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational/Corporate Communications and Studio Art. www.fosterwhatmatters.com


Anbern Guarrine calls herself a "Facilitator of Family Play." By facilitating games, she helps participants gain insights about their strengths, their relationship with peers, and how they can use their skills to move forward in their personal and professional life in a way that is fun and engaging.
As a partner in the Guarrine Group, Anbern enjoys challenging herself by taking on uninteresting topics and developing them into fun, game-based learning modules. She is Gallup trained in Strengths Coaching and leans into her Maximizer strength to connect with her clients and help them be the best version of themselves. Anbern has received the Family Firm Institute (FFI) Certificate in Family Business Advising, is currently a member of the FFI Midwest Chapter Executive Committee and is an active member of Chicago's Family Advisory Council. She enjoys sharing best practices with professionals of various disciplines, and continually grows her understanding of the consulting space.
During her downtime, she enjoys introducing edible flowers and native plants in her garden, planning adventures with her twin daughters, and watching the fireflies at night with her husband, John.


Kristy Miller has worked in public education in many capacities for over 25 years. Currently, she strives to support communities' climate resilience by promoting social sustainability. She designs and coordinates participatory engagement initiatives in public education and facilitates dialogue workshops for intact teams.  Kristy is certified in Appreciative Inquiry, Crucial Conversations, and Balanced Scorecard.  She holds a Master's degree in Communication Theory and a Bachelor's degree in Communication Education.  She is also pursuing LEED Green Associate credentials and another Master's degree in Sustainable Management.  

Mom to two adult children and one high school sophomore, Kristy enjoys reading and paddling in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of northern MN with her husband and children. She draws inspiration from the Jack Pine, a tree native to that area.


Jennifer Souder is a successful senior training leader with extensive experience in designing and implementing learner-centered, performance-based instruction and infrastructure for in-person and virtual teams with several Fortune 100 companies. She is an active master facilitator and has worked around the world. Jennifer’s passion is to "find a way". She holds a Master of Science in Instructional Technology and Organizational Development.


That “find a way” passion is woven into her community involvement. She serves as a Trustee for Elgin Symphony Orchestra; is a long-time member of Bethlehem Brass that raised almost 300K dollars for local non-profit organizations; and leads Col. Webb's Band of Musick, an American Revolutionary reenactment officer's band. Band, after all, is cool regardless of the century.