Membership Levels:

Basic: Includes access to free services. Premium programs, such as workshops and events may incur a cost of $50.

Premium: Includes access to all services. Premium membership costs $100 per annum. Premium Members only pay $5 for premium programs. 30 minutes of free services like reviewing resumes, assistance in creating proposals and business plans, coaching, and more services from professionals is included. Premium Members are also assigned a number and have their CVs posted, without their name or current employer, on a candidate board on the WBC website. Companies seeking qualified women can search the board for possible candidates for open positions. Once they find a potential candidate, they will notify the WBC of their interest and the WBC will then inform the Premium Member of the interest and the company’s name. The company also agrees to pay the WBC a small tax-deductible finder’s fee if they hire the Premium Member. Columbia College Students automatically have a FREE Premium Membership.

Corporate: Corporate membership costs $1000 per annum. Corporate members can have up to 15 employees as WBC members receiving the same benefits as Premium members. Corporate members will be allowed to display their logo with a link to their website on the WBC website. Women owned businesses will especially benefit from companies, government agencies and others seeking to engage women owned enterprises and using the WBC as a resource in their search. The finder’s fee will be waived for all Corporate members who hire members with their CV on the WBC candidate board. Corporate members will receive a designation and certificate from the WBC as being socially responsible to women in business. They may use the stamp of approval by the WBC in all their marketing activities.