Crosslinking Markets by Connecting Communities

                                       Crosslinking Markets by Connecting Communities

by Vanessa Mota Crosslinking markets is a term that may be confusing, but the explanation is simple.  As a multicultural expert, I realize there is much talk about inclusivity and diversity but not much action. This is how crosslinking markets and cultural communities are born. If you want to be more intentional in the connections you make and the inclusivity theyinvolve, crosslinking markets is an area you definitely want to explore.

In order for us all to succeed, it is imperative that we connect, unite and diversify in order to grow together. Our city is very diverse and includes people from many cultures, especially Latino and Asian cultures, which seem to grow tremendously every day. English, Spanish and Chinese are three of the most common and powerful languages in business.  At Mota Enterprises, in fact, one of our programs is focused specifically on connectingthe Anglo and Latino markets. This is where crosslinking comes in. Anglo refers to those who speak English as English is the dominant language within the United States. Latino includes all the Spanish speaking and Portuguese communities. Spanish is considered the second language in the United States.  Crosslinking is a form of networking that raises the bar to the level of multiculturalism and multi-linking markets. If you are doing well in your ideal market and you see yourself striving and moving forward, it may be time to add new venues and open yourself to new opportunities such as crosslinking markets and cultural community markets..

Another reason crosslinking is important is to provide a different voice at the decision-making table for organizations.  Have you ever heard, “Why are our meetings and events not attracting a diverse group of individuals?” This is a very good questions and should be asked by each organization.  If your panel of board members (and decision-makers) does not reflect diversity, you may have your answer. Your events and your meetings typically reflect those who had a voice in the planning process and decisions. This is why it is important that we are intentional from home-to-work to include more diversity. Including more diversity at the top will help reflect more diversity throughout.

Be part of the solution. Learn more about crosslinking business markets and cultural community markets. Be the change now for a better inclusive and diverse future.

Join Vanessa as she teaches Crosslinking and Basic Spanish at the WBCof SC on September 14 and October 16.  

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