Suggestions for Keeping Up Office Morale during Covid

COVID 19 has certainly changed that way we do business.  For many, being away from the office has its perks but there are also some disadvantages. Working from home, if not managed properly, can be a very disengaging experience.  Without a constant flow of information and contact, some employees start to feel isolated and forgotten.  As a result, morale and productivity can decrease. Do not despair because there are ways for managers to help keep their employees engaged and even help increase office morale. Here are five easy suggestions, although there are many more to choose from if explored:

  1. Communicate - As presented in depth in other WBC blogs, communication is a must.  Just touching base or offering updates can greatly assist in keeping employees engaged and connected.

  2. Celebrate Achievements - Encourage employees to celebrate each other.  If there is an acknowledgement, achievement, award or milestone that is met, celebrate.  Send an individual note to the person congratulating them.  Put the achievement on the next office meeting agenda to acknowledge it as a group.  If appropriate, send out a note to the overall company congratulating the individual.  Take every opportunity to celebrate achievements and promote positivity. 

  3. Meet Socially - Provide a "Coffee Chat" meeting opportunity for your team.  Either pair up employees through an app such as or zoom meet as a group over a cup of coffee to engage in small talk.

  4. Encourage Health - Promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging a work/life balance.  Offer small incentives for daily exercise or exercise milestones.  Provide a list of resources (such as apps) that can assist in promoting a healthy lifestyle or suggest an app that your team can use to track their progress and encourage each other throughout the journey.

  5. Send Suprise Packages - Send a treat (or have one sent) to an employee at home. This could be small such as their favorite snack or health care product.  Let them know you are thinking of them by brightening their day with a surprise package. 

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