Tips for Handling Digital Fatique

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

In one of our earlier posts, Digital Fatigue was addressed and some of the signs included:

  • Feeling tired.

  • Having trouble focusing.

  • Experiencing headaches.

  • Experiencing strained eyes.

  • Constantly multi-tasking.

  • Working many hours virtually outside of your normal workday.

  • Spending way too much time on your devices.

  • Losing motivation.

If you think you may be experiencing digital fatigues, there are a few steps you can take help right away. While these few tips only offer a glimpse into the many opportunities you can take, they should get you started in the right direction.

  • Engage in email or phone calls instead of virtual meetings when possible. Not every connection or communication has to be an online meeting. Sometimes a quick email or a phone call can provide a welcome break from the virtual world. You can decide how you want to communicate.

  • Take a break. You and your eyes need a break from time-to-time. Get up, move around, take a walk, or just stretch, but move away from the screen.

  • Shorten Online Meetings. Even when they are not face-to-face, meetings can go on too long. Come with an agenda, set a time limit, stick to it, and end meetings on time. You and your colleagues will appreciate it.

  • Space out your online meetings. Schedule time in between your meetings to regroup and catch your breath. Be conscious of your schedule and make sure to plan in time for yourself.

  • Set boundaries. Take a look at your day’s schedule and decide when you will work and when you will be off from work. When the day is done, according to your boundaries, stop working and get off your screen.

The virtual work environment has offered many benefits to many people, but there are still challenges, old and new, that this new environment brings. Make sure you are taking care of your well-being and addressing digital fatigue if needed.

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