5 ways to add more harmony in your work-life

Before we start, there are a few things you must understand when it some to work-life harmony.

1.Time is a resource that is every lasting. Shifting your mind to focus on the process or the activity not the time. Learning how to maximize your schedule increases productivity, saves money and creates more breathing room ie freedom.

2. Work-Life Balance is myth. Seeking harmony leads to less guilt and more personal and professional satisfaction.

3. You are not the sole resident of the island called Entrepreneurship. Recognize the signs of being overwhelmed, ask for help and implement new new strategies and redirect your focus

Here are the 5 strategies:

1. Scheduling: Use block scheduling

Block scheduling is where you mark off time to do a particular task. Block scheduling helps you prioritize your workload. Choose your most creative time of day to start your work.

2. Audit your calendar

Take a look at your activities and see which ones are "busy-work" . Delete those activities since they are not serving your goal.

3. Get family agreements about prioritized items.

Your family is a great part of your life. Let them know you have goals and activities that may require your attention yet you are still there for them. For instance, you will continue support your kids sports endeavors coming to home games instead of every game.

4. Know thy self.

Learn your most creative time of day. If you aren't a morning person, then schedule your meetings for the afternoon. Start a habit that helps you stay motivated.

5. Shorten your to-do list

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and beat yourself up for not completed the 4 items you didn't get to? Why aren't you praising yourself for completing over 50% of the items on your list? If you make it a practice of shortening your list to the 5 or 6 priority list items instead of cramming everything into one big list, you'll have a better chance of completing your goals.

Remember to give yourself permission to live the life you want without the shame or guilt of having it all. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace. You are worth it.

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